Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tavern rumors

Last time i played i was bombarded with requests for rumors at every tavern the group went to.
I was unprepared for this. So given some thought on the matter i present the random tavern rumor charts

I edited the chart to make it more likely to hear a useful rumor. Now 50% chance of hearing of some kind of adventure op.

Rumors and gossip for any Inn
1 Local gossip
2 Location of a nearby monster
3 Location of a nearby lair
4 Rumor of a famous treasure or item
5 Local rumor
6 National rumor
7 Location of a religious relic
8 Location of nearby ruin
9 Local gossip
10 Regional gossip
11 Regional rumor
12 National gossip
13 Local superstition
14 Rumored location of a famous item
15 Location of nearby shrine (with rumored power)
16 Local job opertunity
17 Regional job opertunity
18 Tries to get you to join their religion
19 Location of unusal local oddity
20 Reginal superstition

Rumor/Gossip is/are...
1 True
2 Partialy true
3 False
4 Partialy false
5 True
6 False

I realise this requires a DM to think a bit but we all seem to be creative types.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Double blerg

Sick again, i guess my boss is right about our office being full of germs.
Going on 3 days sick hard to be creative when you just want to lay there.
More posts in a day or so when i am better.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Creative control

From a comment a couple days ago a poster claims we all need to be equal in creative control when we sit at the table.
While i agree an improv can be very entertaining. They dont have staying power. A world where for arugement we will say 5 people all have equal creative control is going to suck. It will be a patchwork mish mash of 5 minds. I like my game worlds to at least appear internaly consistant.

If your creative desires are so great, become a DM! Write a book/story/novel. Paint or draw. But come to a DMs world and try to creatively change what has been made. That is the hallmark of a bad player.
The world we DMs make is you players to explore and interact with. Not for you to edit as you wish.

The more i look at/interact with the story as play types the less i think any system can unify fantasy role play.
WotC is in way over its head.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Is the DM equal to the players?

Is the Dungeon Master just another player?
The debate seems to be raging as 5E slowly rears its its all encompassing eye over gamerdom. The cries of players yelling for rules and controls over DMs seems to me like the cries of the French Revolution, "Off with his head"! Equality for all in an RPG cant be achieved. If the DM is equal to the players then you force one player to lose every fight. One players must always defere to the group. One player will never get to win. DMing like that will drive the few good DMs away.

For every good Dungeon Master there is probably 4 or 5 bad ones. The masses who post on WotC's boards seem to think that with the right set of rules they can control a bad DM and make a perfect game. Bad DMs are like unto a force of nature. No rule or system of controls can constrain the train wreck of a bad DM. I understand finding good DM's is hard but you can not fix a bad DM. The only thing you can do with a bad DM is leave the game.

I was originaly curious about 5E. But i come to realise. It can not encompass all past types of D&D. The differences between editions are too great. To keep the new edition players it will have to power creep. The old edition players dont want any change, which there will have to be to unify the editions. The dream is actualy the ravings of a madman.

5E wont work. It will only further splinter the player base.
The only one benefiting from a unified D&D all playing the same game is Wizards of the Coast.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hot elf chicks draw the page hits..

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I guess the results are in. Hot elf chicks bring the hits. I know in the world of blogs i am less then small potatos. I do enjoy the fact at least some people think i post a bit of interesting stuff from time to time.

I have been considering offering 1/2e Gamma World game up on G+. more to come on this...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Save the poor goblins

Hello adventurers, I am Sally Struthers. I come to you today to ask for you to give to the Save the imaginary goblin children fund. Every year adventurers slaughter thousands of innocent goblins. Orphaning many imaginary goblin children. I know your thinking, but goblins are foul decrepit monsters who steal our children, tourture anyone they can capture and kill for sport. A species so foul and cruel the vary light of the sun harms them!

But think of the poor imaginary baby goblins. Biting the fingers off their weaker siblings. tourturing rats to death and savaging any living thing smaller then themselves. They had their imaginary parents killed by imaginary adventurers! So please donate to the Over humanification of hideous imaginary monster fund! Dont let imaginary goblin children suffer imaginary pain and loss!

The arguements about not killing imaginary orc/goblin babies in B2 has reached new heights of stupidity. I think all the monsters as creatures with hopes and loves and feelings movies lately are fueling this new level of retardation.

Let me clarify.

Vampire: Sexual predator that kills to sustain its unlife... not sparkly teen dream.
Werewolf: Rage personified. cruel and remorseless killer of anything in its path... not hunky teen altenative boyfriend.
Golins/Orcs...humanoids et all: MONSTERS of EVIL who rape, kill and dominate themselves and others for no reason other then they are EVIL and like to do that sort of thing.

Dont transfer human qualities unto monsters designed to be inhuman. They all deserve to die!

For those who bemoan the poor humanoids and there mates and offspring slaughtered by adventurers. Perhaps you forgot in reading B2 the background of the module. These creatures are the ENEMIES of the human world. they seek to destroy and enslave that narrow path of human civilization. If not for adventurers sallying forth to bring the fight to the ENEMY humanity would be overrun by these fel creatures.

Heck even the valley with the actual caves of chaos in it, is described as being littered with human and demi-human skulls and bones.

Take heart adventurers these are foul beats with no mercy, slay them all! For they are "Not Worth Any Experiance Points Alive"!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Better with bacon

Feeling better last couple days. Work is a bit hectic and I am a tad uninspired. Better update soon.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Under the weather at the moment.Hard to be creative when sick. More updates in a day or two when i feel better.

Friday, February 3, 2012

John Carter of Mars

The movie release of Burroghs pulp saga is getting closer.
I am currently reading the original series. I never read these as a child and i kick my self for passing these by. I finished the first and just bought the 2nd book from Borders. I am giving some serious thought to doing a sword and planet game as my next campaign. I think any of the D&D versions can be used to simulate the genre easy enough. I know there there are source materials already out there also. Maps of the world. Warriors of Mars rpg supplement for OD&D

There is a lot more out there if you look for it.

Think of a world not of magic but of lost science. I picture the game playing somewhat like Thundar the barbaian.

Still looking to get a G+ game going on a weekly basis. My hours seem to be out of synch with the rest of the google plus. Going to try some midday offerings over the next week.