Monday, January 16, 2012

Bonus material for DM's

Finaly figured out how share documents on Blogger... (welcome to the 21st century).
Two forms I have made for DM's

First is a character tracker. Have the players write in their info before the game. Add notes as you play and it acts as a record of the game, also durring the game it has all the handy stats you normaly have to ask for.
DM sheet is for tracking monsters/encounters you use durring play.

Keep in mind i play Castles and Crusades so CK=DM=GM

Deadline nearing for my first go at running a Constantcon game

For those interested....

Enter the Core

 Game to run  11pm cst  17 jan / 5am london  18 jan

System is Castles and Crusades but D20 srd FLAILSNAILS are exceptable.
levels 1 to 3 (for now)

Addition entering the C&C game players need to pick primes 3 for humans 2 for demi humans.
First prime is based on class  Fighter & Ranger are Str, Rogue/Assassin are DEX, Monk/Barbarian are Con,  Wizard/Illusionist Int, Cleric/Druid are Wis, Bard/Knight/Paladin Chr.

Primes add 6 to that stats save or check.  All saves are based on D20 +stat mod (+prime if aplicable) +level   In all other respects C&C runs a hybird 1E 3E game rules lite.

Looking for 4 or 5 players this will be a weekly game.

The Core

Seven thousand or so years ago a demon lord and a deity of good battled on the spot of the core.
The loser a powerful demon lord named Pang’Graas.
When Pang’Graas died his corpse putrefied and turned vicious nearly instantly.
The resulting goo burned and sizzled and like acid through steel it melted into the land.
The earth began to tremble and quake.
Less than an hour after its death a volcano erupted.
Spitting lava ash and rock chunks as it grew to immense size in a matter of days.
Over time the volcano has come to be called the Core.

The Core seems to radiate power and has over the years attracted vile and cruel beasts, monsters, and men.
The Core has become riddled with warrens, hovels, temples, and dens of various evil beings.
As the Core became more and more over run, a cottage industry has grown around it.
Adventuring into its deepest reaches has given rise to powerful heroes.
Many have gained fabulous fortunes by delving its dangerous dungeons and caves.
Over the centuries there have been seven major strongholds built into and on the slopes of the Core.
The great Hylderwynn first King of Raaga built a castle and many subterranean levels. The upper works stand in ruins on the western slopes.
The Orkan Citadel of Domination from the unification of empire was leveled during the brethren of the Star rebellion. It was rumored to have twelve below ground levels.
The Brethren of the Star had a tower and school on the northwestern slope. Before it exploded it was whispered to have over twenty levels of secrets and magical goodies.
The God Kings grand palatial stronghold vanished in a torrent of flames one night leaving a crater on the south slope.
The Maw was a temple dedicated to demonic powers before being cleared by adventurers. The "Core Crusaders" claimed the Maw had eight levels. The Maw is now the main entrance to the Core for adventurers and a wonderful Inn sits near it.
The Mystic Forge was Dwarven armor and arms manufactory buried deep in the core. It was over run by humanoids and the entrance tunnel collapsed, it had 5 levels.
A great Many tiered (nine) prison complex existed in the core until its entrances suddenly caved in.

Currently the Core is believed to have upwards of forty separate levels inside it with at least a dozen entrances. Those that survive bring wonderful riches from its depths. The list of those who never return seems to grow by the day. Recently it has become vogue for young lords to show thier bravery by entering the core. Most don’t pass far beyond No Return.

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