Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Scratch building 40k

Had some spare parts and small ammount of chaos figs. Tried my hand at a scratch built Hellbrute.... not my best work....

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Passing the Torch

My nephews have been pestering me for awhile to run a game for them. So i drug out Gamma World and helped them make characters. We have been running for 5 weeks now.
I am using a hybrid 1E/2E/C&C game.
From left to right... David (19), Tommy "Poot" (10), Yours truly, Michael (15) and Canon (14). Not pictured Sammy (12).
Since most of them are newbs to gaming, i went with a world based on the Cartoon Network show "Adventure Time".

They have provided names for the area towns, Couch, Pizza town, KFC, Chicken town and their home the Farm.

Its surprising how quickly they have picked up on common troupes.
Murder hobo'ing has been high. but they do well with role playing also.
Two character deaths, though one was a plant that regenerated from its roots Ala Groot.

We have 4 rules so far,
1 no helping someone else with math. (The two younger kids are a little shaky with math)
2 No name calling/ hitting... kids are kids.
3  you say it you say it.
4 no inter party killing.

The older kids are working to build an empire. Setting up a base and acquiring hirelings.
Currently they are running through the clasic GW 1 Legion of Gold.

To any who wondered why the blog had idled so long, it didn't feel needed in the flood of G+ posts.
I am pulling the old girl out to document their adventures as the old guard teaches the new blood to RPG.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

At a recent game night my nephew and i display our dancing skills.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get the gaming where you can!

When real life lets you down on the gaming front, then turn to the virtual world.  Google plus is a haven of gamers getting together over video chat and game. The feeling of these games is wild and wooly much like the games I played back in the 80s. The spirit of anything can and will happen,  flourishes in G+.  Since my home is lacking currently I think its time to take my first love to G+.
Gamma World was my first real rpg. The first one I played correctly. Through my learning with GW I in turn mastered D&D, Top Secret and many others. I have ran campaigns of GW around the world while in the army. For just my little sister when I was still in junior high. I have sat for hours and scribbled out bits of world and characters to encounter. It has always been my first gaming love.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weekly game nights

How does a perfectly good gamer group go from fantasy adventure rpgs to family games?
I dont know if i would have believed it if i hadnt lived through it.
Slowly but surely what used to be a hard core rpg group became a friends and family game night.

Gameing went from

Now it feels like this...

kids playing cards

Dont get me wrong, i like good fun for all board game. Untill it becomes the weekly thing.
I think in my current group i have 2 actual gamers, a tag along, a warm body, a thrill killer, and a social butterfly.

Now the wife is joining in and buying new games from target to play... Yes apples to apples is fun, no it isnt the game i want to play week in and week out.

How do you get a derailed group back to rpgs?

I know what derailed us, boot hill. By trying to make it less of a shoot em up and more of a strategy game I lost the casuals. The main fantasy game was derailed by attitudes. They arent able to play supers, no one acts like they care if innocents are harmed or die. As a group they hate Gamma World. I could try Top Secret and see if a high pc body count will drive em back to D&D again.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Neighbors move i score cool wall hangings!

A couple of months just flew by. Not much going on here other than life.
Had my big Independance day BBQ party. Went to some birthday parties for friends and relatives.
It has been a hectic summer thus far.
I broke the rear hub of my bike. stripped it completely. pedaling does nothing now.

On the gaming front board games and card games are all i have done recently.

The game 'Trailer Park Wars' i can not rate this little gem of a game high enough.
Its a card game about running a trailer park. you win by gaining the most pink flamingos. The game with 100 pink flamingo minis.

The rules are this simple.

Count how many flamingos you get.
Play 3 cards (cards have everything about them on the card)
Discard one card if you want
Draw back to 7 cars.
Next players turn...

Short sweet and fun. it is a screw your buddy game, you play bad trailer park tenants and disasters on other players park and good ones on yours.

If you have a chance pick up this game !

Its deffinately better with more players. I would think playing with only 2 people would be less fun.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boot Hill campaign in full swing.


Tommy two-guns gang (Outlaws)
Lazy J ranch
Texas Rangers
Skinya's indian raiders.

Have played almost a month of time, starting may 1 1866.

Painted 71 15 mm size western plastic figs.

They are all mounted on pennies to given some weight and keep them up right in play.
Prop (toy) guns and hats add to the festiveness of Boot Hill.
While playing out a card game one player pulled a gun on another who was cheating and surprised everyone at the table.

2 sessions 3 deaths

Kill totals

1 Indian raider, 1 outlaw, and 1 law man dead. So far the rancher is playing it cool. The outlaw has robbed 2 banks and a stage. the raiders killed and burnt down an entire ranch. The law made a couple arrests and killed two trouble makers in the county seat.