Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vengence is mine sayeth the player

Is anyone in the entire world as vengeful as a player character?

One offhanded comment from an NPC. My players then spent nearly 30 mins game time trying to get back at the guy.

Judge for your self, here is the senario...

The PC's want to decend into the catacombs of Paris through a cathedrals basment. The Cardinal in charge of the building asks for a dispensation of 30 gold coins to allow them to do this. The party become upset at this because they are searching for a holy relic rumored to be down there. The Cardinal insists on the payment. The parties paladin pays the 30 coins and comments that he was surprised it was 30 gold instead of 30 silver.
The paladin comments as they continue on the way that he will come back later and give the Cardinal an upbraiding for being greedy.
After they finish their adventure they march back to the Cathedral and insist to be taken to the Cardinal this instant. The priest on duty informs them the Cardinal is indisposed and they can leave their information and he will get back to them. <insert 45 mins of players insisting that they be seen NOW> Finaly after all of this they move along and then spent another 45 mins planning how to get this guy and discussing how if they were the secretary of state and they insisted the President see them, even after he had given orders to not be disturbed: that they would have to be given access to the President.

I think the nature of a PC's vengence is directly tied to level. The higher the level the more they feel any slight to them must be avenged...with extreme prejudice.
Seems even a comment of disparagement will eliscit a near blood fued to characters who is higher then 12th level.

I wonder if other DM's notice this effect?

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