Saturday, April 7, 2012

The rule of cool?

Went back and forth last night with Zak Smith from D&D with Porn Stars. arguing over bard and how he thought the idea was stupid. I am paraphrasing him as he basicly said... if it isnt cool to paint it isnt cool.
Now i do realise we game to have fun. Cool mosnters and plots with bad ass heros are the goal of gaming.
Its a modern gaming trend the "rule of cool" Where everything must be cool and awesome all the time.

When you try to be cool all the time you tend to be not cool alot. Hollywood seems to be stuck in this make it so cool mode. Big budget action flicks that are so dull and predictable you can figure out the whole plot less then half way through.

News flash people it cant be cool all the time. If it could there would be nothing uncool. Whne you spend all your energy making it awesome you numb the audience and they want bigger and better more and more.

Make the cool parts cool and let the parts that arent be what they are.

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