Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ragea island nation, home of The Core.

Ragea, Free nation.  One of the first independant human kingdoms. Broke from the Elven empire some 30 years ago. Once renouned for its battle mages. When the Brethern of the Star vanished the study of magic was nearly lost. Many still wizards 'Starmen' as the Brethern of the Star were called.

The Core rises near the north western shores. Bards say it was formed when a demigod killed a powerful demon lord. The demon lord Pang'gras' body melted into a green ooze that burned trough the earth as acid burns through wood. Thus spawning the evil of The Core.

Near The Core about 2 miles west from the entrance called 'the maw' sits a rambling innhouse. The Last Chance Inn. It is three stories tall with 3 wings, stables, smithy and guard towers. It is nearly a small fort.
Many merchants venture here to purchase the goods brought out of the dungeon's depths.
For those with a desire of a more civilised base with better defences and cheaper prices the town of Huberg is five miles west of the Last Chance.

Huberg is booming village rapidly growing from the influx of travelers and merchants. Currently the town is constructing walls. to better deffend against raving bands of humanoids. Castle Wrengate sits near by guarding the road to ragea's capitol.


Those who go mad inside the Core will over time transform into hideous creatures.

The Fragrant Helm of Rosalyn was lost somewhere on the third level.

There is a library part of the Brethern of the Stars former citadel that randomly appears through out the dungeon. Most call it the Wandering Library. Everyone who has gained access to it has found a wealth of arcane lore and many spells thought lost.

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