Monday, April 23, 2012

No clue

Couple days ago i played in a G+ game. I dont know what the game was called. I dont know the setting. I have no idea how characters are rolled for it. Myself and a few others played D&D/FLAILSNAILS characters. Mine was actualy a Castles and Crusades fighter but i am sure you all could have guessed that.
It was a freaking blast. The world reminded me a bit of rifts, with the end of civilization and magic returning. There wasnt any hi-tech stuff that i saw but there were black powder weapons and magic. We infiltrated an office building via the sewers then fought our way back out. Wolf monsters, Gargoyles, road warrior biker types and a brief glimps of a dragon.
Remined me of my early days in the hobby before i knew any of the rules. Everything seemed possible and danger lurked at every turn.

I very much love ready RPGs memorizsing the rules and mastering various systems. There is something to be said being clueless in every reguard about a game. It makes everything surreal. you wander around dazzled by everything that happens. Instead of thinking in rules jargon you speak with creativity.

Thats a big part of why i have embraced the rules lite of the OSR. I collect everything D&D and AD&D i can get my hands on and read every rule set that comes down the pipes.

Next time you get a chance to play a new system. go in blind. have the GM give you a character or roll one with the GMS help. Try not to learn the rules and just experiance the game.


  1. Chris: Man, I'm glad you had fun! That's super cool. You are welcome back anytime> :D

    Flak really waded into the thick of it and demonstrated a lot of tenacity and grit. Cool character.

  2. Sight unseen, I was going to say that's gotta be Timeshadows game. I still need to give her game a try.

  3. @Wild Bill: I'm running something most nights. We'd be glad to have you along. :)