Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ikka’Patang , god of nature

This is an nother conversion of a HackMaster dieity. My games have had alot of druids, so this dieity sees alot of use.

God of nature
Symbol:  Elm leaf
Deity province; Nature
Ceremony, Every new moon druids and clerics must dance at a
Consecrated ring
Taboo willing destruction of habitats and animal lairs is forbidden. Worshipers also must never kill a mother with/or her dependant young.
Granted abilities, all worshipers receive, Those that remain steadfast to the faith gain +1 con and nature lore.
Ikka’Patang appears as middle aged man with neat hair and short beard. He wears neutral colored robes and carries a long spear. Where ever he is encountered he will be accompanied by two male animals of the local dominate species. There beasts will be of maximum hit points and size and unusually intelligent.
Ikka’Patang believes duty is of utmost importance and has no tolerance of shirkers and traitors. He is fond of punishing transgressors by changing them into prey species and releasing them into the wild alone.
Ikka’Patang’s Spear of throwing. Triple throwing range and returns when called. This +6 weapon can be borrowed for 1 year by any druid of 7th or higher level.
Ikka’Patang’s scythe of reaping. This artifact doubles the harvest of any field it is used in.  Ikka’Patang will give this to any druid who asks for one harvest season. Most druids require very big sacrifices to grant this boon on a community.
Ikka’Patang ’s avatar, neutral druid 20th HP 160 AC 22, Primes Dex 21 Wis 28 Chr 26. Fights with Spear+6 that he can throw any distance. The spear returns to his hand after striking its target. Ikka’Patang can summon the wild hunt per its standard summoning.

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