Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gamma World goodness

Yanked out the old Gamma World stuff and reread the rule book. (I know the pic is from 3rd ed but its one of the best GW pics ever) I like the old 1/2ed stuff the most so I am falling back to that rules set. For years i used the 4th ed version. But of all the edditions 2nd is/was my longest running campaigns.

Flash back to the halceon days of 1983/84 my junior year in high school. I ran GW games at lunch in school, and on sat morning in my kitchen. (the only time in my childhood my mother supported/allowed gaming in her house.) Later in the spring/summer of 84 a local sci fi con started running weeking gaming as a fund raiser for theier yearly convention. They had open gaming in a rec center sat evenings and sunday morning. So i started running GW there also.

They called it Society of Omaha Roleplaying Enthusists. or S.O.R.E. for short. They charged 75 cents to get in 50 cents a soda. If you GMed admission was free. So i GMed alot. That Gamma World campaign took place in the area around the ruins of Mobil Alabama.

I think i had roughly 30ish players roating in and out of game that summer. Some very memerable moments and characters rose from those days.

There were 2 brothers, Mark and his little brother plus their friend Steve. The three of them were hillarious.
Steve had a character that was semi inept. Seemed the dice never liked him and some of his fumbles were beyond belief. At some point in the game Marks little brother started a list of books his character was going to write about Steve's character ...Herb P Gunpoke.

He listed these books on the back of his sheet ...

I always get a smile looking back at this piece of personal gaming history.

Where was i going with all this....  Oh yeah working on my Gamma World stuff. Planning a G+ offering for friday nights.  Watch Constantcon and or here for the formal announcement of when it will start.

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  1. Notice the stats on Herb, hardly an uber character.