Thursday, April 5, 2012

Explosive new time for "The Core!"

Moving my G+ game time to 9pm CST (-6 GMT) wed night.
I Changed jobs a bit ago and the old time was not doable any more.

The Core has been my Mega-Dungeon project for about 3 years now. Offering it up to G+ Constantcon is an interesting experiance. Kind of like sending your child to school alone.

I originaly concieved the The Core as a 20+ level mega dungeon. With the idea one level was pretty much equal in level of challenge as its depth. I got the first 5 levels mostly complete when i decided i hated using mainly one level of monsters for such large areas.
So i restarted, redrew all the maps and started keying based on what had come before but using this formula.
1 Monster weaker then level
2-4 Monster same HD as level
5 Monster 1 to 2 HD greater then level
6 Monster 1d6 HD more then level

I also decided to make each level encompass 2 HD. So The Core's first level is mostly 1 HD monsters near the entrance and gradualy changing to mostly 2 HD beasties as you get further from the entrances.
Thusly the second level has roughly 3 and 4 HD monsters
With the third having 5 and 6 HD ...etc...

This prompted me to alter the number of levels to a more reasonale 12 plus sub-levels.
I have remapped back down to the fourth level. With the first two levels filled and waiting for adventurers to plunder.

The Core is literaly a monster magnet. Because a Demon Lord died on this spot his essence calls out to all the evil of the world. Its architecture is an amalgom of 9 or 10 ruined sites the dormant volcano has absorbed. Add in monsters that build their own tunnels and lairs. Plus the dungeons seems to rearrange it self sometimes makes for a varried conglomeration of halls and tunnels to explore.

To date 4 different groups have entered The Core.
 My old home group, we had a Mega-Dungeon campaign in the original instance of the dungeon.
Special occasion one shots have happened twice.
A short run series of delves that ended abruptly.

This much i can say for sure. Every group to enter the dungeon thus far have explored the same area first.
Using restocking tables has been interesting. A couple of times the restock was a no brainer and i just went with what i figured should be there.

Hopefully the new time will encourage more players.


  1. Would have worked better on Tuesday night, but I wish you luck! Also, I like your revamped set-up! I expect it'll play better.

  2. Actualy I have been pondering tuesday. Wed seems to be a bad day.

    1. Let me know! I'd be thrilled to play. Flailsnails compatible?

    2. Yes FLAILSNAILS in effect. but at least for a little while will be 3rd level and under.

    3. That's fine with me. I've got 3 active characters right now - a 1st level fighter, 1st level wizard, and a 4th level fighter (Nick the Pike). Nick can sit it out.