Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Core play summary

Dave Younce along with 2 hired men at arms entered The Core. They skipped a barred passage. Explored a side tunnel killing a lone skelliton. Delving deeper into the twisted tunnels they found a few unfortunate souls who had met their fate. Eventualing combating a mad wizard and an evil party of adventurers. Einhart Thors Hammer soundly defeated the villians killing half the group and cowing the rest after a single bloody round of combat. Of the survivers an evil cleric was brought to the light converting to Thor's church.
Dave played Einhart
Hired men , Jerome and Ian the fighters accompanied him along with his faithful linkboy Harold.
The villianous group had quite a spot of treasure over 200 gold and 500 silver was recovered from The Core's wretched halls. (Drinks on him at the Last Chance Inn.)
Short but prosperous adventure.
Moving the game to tuesday night starting next week. Hopefuly a better turn out as well.

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