Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another explosive new time for The Core!

Last move for the forseeable future i promise!

The Core now running tuesday nights 8:30 pm CST (-5GMT)
FLAILSNAILS participants welcome level 3 or less for now.

I run useing Castles and Crusades. It is effectively 3.5 lite. No skills or feats universal mechanic for resolution of most things.  Link to the C&C quick start rules. Its free and explains things probably better then i can. (even if i am a fantastic writer) = p

Rumors of The Core...

Sleeping in the Core drives men mad.

There is a wandering zombie in the dungeon: he is sentiant, friendly and named McGee.

Beware the woman in the mirror!

Sarrafinn also called the broker, is a multi colored dragon that deals in information and secrets.

I swear i met a talking displacer beast and it said its name was Casbah.

Dwarves like friends.

More rumors in the future.

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