Sunday, February 1, 2015

Passing the Torch

My nephews have been pestering me for awhile to run a game for them. So i drug out Gamma World and helped them make characters. We have been running for 5 weeks now.
I am using a hybrid 1E/2E/C&C game.
From left to right... David (19), Tommy "Poot" (10), Yours truly, Michael (15) and Canon (14). Not pictured Sammy (12).
Since most of them are newbs to gaming, i went with a world based on the Cartoon Network show "Adventure Time".

They have provided names for the area towns, Couch, Pizza town, KFC, Chicken town and their home the Farm.

Its surprising how quickly they have picked up on common troupes.
Murder hobo'ing has been high. but they do well with role playing also.
Two character deaths, though one was a plant that regenerated from its roots Ala Groot.

We have 4 rules so far,
1 no helping someone else with math. (The two younger kids are a little shaky with math)
2 No name calling/ hitting... kids are kids.
3  you say it you say it.
4 no inter party killing.

The older kids are working to build an empire. Setting up a base and acquiring hirelings.
Currently they are running through the clasic GW 1 Legion of Gold.

To any who wondered why the blog had idled so long, it didn't feel needed in the flood of G+ posts.
I am pulling the old girl out to document their adventures as the old guard teaches the new blood to RPG.

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