Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weekly game nights

How does a perfectly good gamer group go from fantasy adventure rpgs to family games?
I dont know if i would have believed it if i hadnt lived through it.
Slowly but surely what used to be a hard core rpg group became a friends and family game night.

Gameing went from

Now it feels like this...

kids playing cards

Dont get me wrong, i like good fun for all board game. Untill it becomes the weekly thing.
I think in my current group i have 2 actual gamers, a tag along, a warm body, a thrill killer, and a social butterfly.

Now the wife is joining in and buying new games from target to play... Yes apples to apples is fun, no it isnt the game i want to play week in and week out.

How do you get a derailed group back to rpgs?

I know what derailed us, boot hill. By trying to make it less of a shoot em up and more of a strategy game I lost the casuals. The main fantasy game was derailed by attitudes. They arent able to play supers, no one acts like they care if innocents are harmed or die. As a group they hate Gamma World. I could try Top Secret and see if a high pc body count will drive em back to D&D again.

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