Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get the gaming where you can!

When real life lets you down on the gaming front, then turn to the virtual world.  Google plus is a haven of gamers getting together over video chat and game. The feeling of these games is wild and wooly much like the games I played back in the 80s. The spirit of anything can and will happen,  flourishes in G+.  Since my home is lacking currently I think its time to take my first love to G+.
Gamma World was my first real rpg. The first one I played correctly. Through my learning with GW I in turn mastered D&D, Top Secret and many others. I have ran campaigns of GW around the world while in the army. For just my little sister when I was still in junior high. I have sat for hours and scribbled out bits of world and characters to encounter. It has always been my first gaming love.

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