Friday, April 13, 2012

The Core , Another after action review

William Broom  Adventured in The Core tonight. 
Playing Thalia cleric of the Raven Queen.
two bold hirelings in tow,
Blagger and Ago both strong fighting men.

The small party explored a bit. Encountered the walking corpse known as McGee. Thalia promised to end his curse and lay the poor soul to rest. Her stawart band investgated a strange demon head of gigantic proportion. It was hewn from an unknown type of white rock.
They battled a clutch of kobolds and emerged victorious. A few of the little buggers fled down a tiny hole and after a bit of trickery Thalia managed to capture one and use him as a guide to treasure. Alas the poor kobold died opening a treasure chest after the party had cleared a group of undead guardians. Satisfied with their take the group retreated from the dungeon heading to the nearest town to sell their loot.

Great game, Hi to Tiffany Simmons who observed the game for a time. William managed to find one of the larger treasures on the first level. Well played!

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