Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Neighbors move i score cool wall hangings!

A couple of months just flew by. Not much going on here other than life.
Had my big Independance day BBQ party. Went to some birthday parties for friends and relatives.
It has been a hectic summer thus far.
I broke the rear hub of my bike. stripped it completely. pedaling does nothing now.

On the gaming front board games and card games are all i have done recently.

The game 'Trailer Park Wars' i can not rate this little gem of a game high enough.
Its a card game about running a trailer park. you win by gaining the most pink flamingos. The game with 100 pink flamingo minis.

The rules are this simple.

Count how many flamingos you get.
Play 3 cards (cards have everything about them on the card)
Discard one card if you want
Draw back to 7 cars.
Next players turn...

Short sweet and fun. it is a screw your buddy game, you play bad trailer park tenants and disasters on other players park and good ones on yours.

If you have a chance pick up this game !

Its deffinately better with more players. I would think playing with only 2 people would be less fun.