Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Most important

Who is the most important person in a rpg?

I know some story teller games people will cry 'No one is more important than any other. We are all equally important at the table.'
I tend to disagree with that. The GM/DM/CK/ref is the most important. No GM no game period. How ever every member at the table is important. There is a social contract of sorts between player and GM. There is a fine balance of power between players and GM. The GM can can do any thing , make any ruling kill any character on a whim. The players have the collective power of no confidence. They can walk or threaten to walk and influence the GMs decision.

If either party is too heavy handed the game breaks down and no one is happy.

As a GM i find recently I will tend to allow more of the players ideas to succeed lately. By giving them the illusion that they are helping direct the game when i take their suggestions. I know everyone can be creative why limit my game to only my creative input?
So I am saying yes to plans and ideas in the past might have said never gonna work or roll for it. It seems to speed play and the players only really want to bash things get  cool stuff and feel like their characters matter.

I guess it all boils down to everyone having fun. No one sits down to game with the idea of not having fun.
Finding the balance in the GM -v- players struggle is what I think makes a good GM.

Side note, wife just baked brownies and gave me some still warm from the oven.. yum!

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