Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boot Hill campaign in full swing.


Tommy two-guns gang (Outlaws)
Lazy J ranch
Texas Rangers
Skinya's indian raiders.

Have played almost a month of time, starting may 1 1866.

Painted 71 15 mm size western plastic figs.

They are all mounted on pennies to given some weight and keep them up right in play.
Prop (toy) guns and hats add to the festiveness of Boot Hill.
While playing out a card game one player pulled a gun on another who was cheating and surprised everyone at the table.

2 sessions 3 deaths

Kill totals

1 Indian raider, 1 outlaw, and 1 law man dead. So far the rancher is playing it cool. The outlaw has robbed 2 banks and a stage. the raiders killed and burnt down an entire ranch. The law made a couple arrests and killed two trouble makers in the county seat.

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  1. Oh yeah thats my wifes Eagle i sealed the paint on its hood.