Thursday, March 15, 2012

Railroads and Sand boxes

Alot of people are discussing these types of play around the net.
What i dont see people talking about is the type of game their players like.

My players like to be guided. Check that , they want to be led by the nose. If I mention something offhandedly they charge after it. If I buy a new product and mention it they will try to move into a position to use it. Basicly my players think about what they think I want them to do. Then they try to do what they think I want them to do.
Convuluted enough for you? Left to their own devices they will sit and do nothing untill i prod them or give them a clue. Hell rumors to them are fish hooks waiting to be swallowed.

All aboard the plot train! Some times I am flat out exasperated by their do what you want us to do attitude.

What can you do but cater to your players style. So sandboxes or railroads... nothing matters if the players are h aving fun.

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