Monday, March 12, 2012

Jon Carter

Ok i saw John Carter....

I fail to see why they needed to add a meta plot the to story.  But the movie was good. There was action, humor fighting,intrigue, and of course plenty of fighting.
Wola John Carters adopted dog/beast was too cool for words.

A good near genre gaming movie. I can see elements i want to emulate in a game and i can see parts i dont.
Things that never work in an RPG
1 Gladiator fights. too focused on one person everyone else is bored.
2 Romance, it cant b e forced and it cant be corerced. Players buck at any attempt to introduce a romantic sub plot.
3 Lastly , Spliting the group... never do it!

Over all i give John Carter a 'B' Solid good movie. I will purchase this when it comes out on disk.

1 comment:

  1. Try a gladiator fight where the opponents are played by the other players who are not using their pcs at the moment. In my groups that makes for quite a different experience.

    Romance... and splitting the group? Well, they work for me, but also give me headaches...