Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Doom of Google+

A bunch of rpg bloggers waved the G+ flag. I decided to try it, and dove into my first ever social media.
Maybe it is just the spring thats causing the lack of gaming posts. I know I am posting less and enjoying the weather more.

Lately G+ plus seems to devolved into 'Pimp my Kickstarter'. Now I do think publishing your rpg is cool...but thats in general. Rpgs aimed at children is as lame as all the bad cartoons aimed at kids.
The Muppet Babies, Scooby doo kids, etc...  Kids want teen age stuff. Teen agers want grown up stuff.

Plus i am sick of seeing all the Kickstarter crap. Sheesh but that is a good idea already gone too far. Seeing the same two or three projects pimped all day gets old.
Can we all get back to the gaming stuff?  I actualy hope those projects hurry up and get funded so i dont have to hear about them any more.

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