Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bargin finds

Someone cleaned out their basement and dumped abunch of used stuff on my local game store.
In one clear plastic bag i got two of these   and one of these

Found a complete psionics hand book. a good copy of B2 Keep on the border lands
U3 in much better shape then i had and L2 plus UK2 which i didnt have.

Lastly i found this little gem for 5 bucks
Complete vintage Avalon Hill goodness.
Cant wait to try it out.

I am kinda surprised more people arent selling old game stuff. I keep hearing how the economy is so bad. But i guess games are a cheap form of entertainment in a down economy. Buy it once play it for ever.

Gamer on!

Friday, March 30, 2012

What brings em

+Zak Smith shared the traffic searches that brought traffic to his blog. I liked the idea sooo much i came right here to check what my sources are... so here it is...

hot elves
dungeons and dragons hot
dungeon hack tsr
porn elf
bard d&d
company working
d&d bard minis
d&d monster manual dragon
d20 hot chick
d20 library
Some of these make little or no sense to how they relate to my blog. I will however take any traffic i can get = ).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Doom of Google+

A bunch of rpg bloggers waved the G+ flag. I decided to try it, and dove into my first ever social media.
Maybe it is just the spring thats causing the lack of gaming posts. I know I am posting less and enjoying the weather more.

Lately G+ plus seems to devolved into 'Pimp my Kickstarter'. Now I do think publishing your rpg is cool...but thats in general. Rpgs aimed at children is as lame as all the bad cartoons aimed at kids.
The Muppet Babies, Scooby doo kids, etc...  Kids want teen age stuff. Teen agers want grown up stuff.

Plus i am sick of seeing all the Kickstarter crap. Sheesh but that is a good idea already gone too far. Seeing the same two or three projects pimped all day gets old.
Can we all get back to the gaming stuff?  I actualy hope those projects hurry up and get funded so i dont have to hear about them any more.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gamma World

Been a slow last few days.
I have been thinking of offering a G+ Gamma World 2nd ed game.
I dusted off some old notes and updated things. went through the books and reread the rules.
Juices are flowing and i desire mutant battles.

Working out the details, I have a friend that moved away a couple years ago. I am trying to mesh with his scheduale so he can play also.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Railroads and Sand boxes

Alot of people are discussing these types of play around the net.
What i dont see people talking about is the type of game their players like.

My players like to be guided. Check that , they want to be led by the nose. If I mention something offhandedly they charge after it. If I buy a new product and mention it they will try to move into a position to use it. Basicly my players think about what they think I want them to do. Then they try to do what they think I want them to do.
Convuluted enough for you? Left to their own devices they will sit and do nothing untill i prod them or give them a clue. Hell rumors to them are fish hooks waiting to be swallowed.

All aboard the plot train! Some times I am flat out exasperated by their do what you want us to do attitude.

What can you do but cater to your players style. So sandboxes or railroads... nothing matters if the players are h aving fun.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Jon Carter

Ok i saw John Carter....

I fail to see why they needed to add a meta plot the to story.  But the movie was good. There was action, humor fighting,intrigue, and of course plenty of fighting.
Wola John Carters adopted dog/beast was too cool for words.

A good near genre gaming movie. I can see elements i want to emulate in a game and i can see parts i dont.
Things that never work in an RPG
1 Gladiator fights. too focused on one person everyone else is bored.
2 Romance, it cant b e forced and it cant be corerced. Players buck at any attempt to introduce a romantic sub plot.
3 Lastly , Spliting the group... never do it!

Over all i give John Carter a 'B' Solid good movie. I will purchase this when it comes out on disk.

Friday, March 9, 2012

John Carter excitment

John Carter opens tomorrow and i am going to see it at the earliest showing. (thanks 3rd shift)
Each day Disney leaked more/longer/better trailers. i dont think i have been this pumped for a film since Lord of the Rings.
Maybe i can pitch a sword and planet style game now...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

National read an RPG in public week

I practice this all year long. I have a travel copy of Castles and Crusades PHB in the back of my truck.
So that were ever i may go i may read gaming stuff!
Practice this over the next week and be surprised at how many people also game or did game.
I get comments often enough from those who see me reading in public.
Geek pride my people! Show your nerd to John Q Public!

This is the cover my truck copy. Spread the joy of adventure  gaming!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The glory of a TPK.

Story gamers think a TPK is the worst imaginable end to a game. Time wasted characters destroyed. TPK's can be rough, they are necessary. If adventurers dont have a real of character death,there isnt much point to a game. If you believe every encounter should/must be balenced to your party you might be a story gamer.
I remember a DM i played under who TPKed five parties in a row. Five weeks of short painful premature character death. I dont remember any of those deceased parties at all. Know what i remember? The sixth party. They lived and thrived. They knew when to run and live another day. The sixth group made it to the high teens before being retired. I think 2 of that group assended to godhood. I remember the 6th very fondly as the group that lived.
TPKs do suck, but the group that follows savors life all the more. Especialy if they dont TPK also.
TPKs while a bit disappointing make the victories all the sweeter. For without the fear of death whats the point?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

GM's day

This saturday is Game Masters day. Show your appreciation of the countless hours your GM puts into entertaining you!

(Short post Busy busy)