Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tavern rumors

Last time i played i was bombarded with requests for rumors at every tavern the group went to.
I was unprepared for this. So given some thought on the matter i present the random tavern rumor charts

I edited the chart to make it more likely to hear a useful rumor. Now 50% chance of hearing of some kind of adventure op.

Rumors and gossip for any Inn
1 Local gossip
2 Location of a nearby monster
3 Location of a nearby lair
4 Rumor of a famous treasure or item
5 Local rumor
6 National rumor
7 Location of a religious relic
8 Location of nearby ruin
9 Local gossip
10 Regional gossip
11 Regional rumor
12 National gossip
13 Local superstition
14 Rumored location of a famous item
15 Location of nearby shrine (with rumored power)
16 Local job opertunity
17 Regional job opertunity
18 Tries to get you to join their religion
19 Location of unusal local oddity
20 Reginal superstition

Rumor/Gossip is/are...
1 True
2 Partialy true
3 False
4 Partialy false
5 True
6 False

I realise this requires a DM to think a bit but we all seem to be creative types.


  1. For what it is worth, I made this tavern table for similar situations:

  2. I was trying to avoid being specific. When they are all specific comments they are only really useful once each. I didnt want a table that kept giving the same results over and over.

    This is more of a DM spring board for imagination then an exact list.

    I remember reading that table you linked to before. Its has some great entries i really enjoy it.