Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Rumors abound about the Core. So many tales circulate it is hard to determine which are true and which are not.


There is an INN inside the Core. All are welcome, no violence allowed. Called the "Do Drop Inn". Some seasoned adventuerers chuckle when the name is mentioned, but they never discuss the inn.

Keraphim, also called the the Broker dwells inside the Core. He is a chromatic dragon of mixed parentage. Showing aspects of white and red dragon lineage. He trades in information. For the right price he can answer most any question.

Some believe Pang is truely not dead and evil cultists labor to raise him again.

There is a self aware zombie that wanders the Core. He is not evil and claims to be seeking his true master.
Some say he is called McGee and wears a top hat monacle and tuxedo.

There is a Man called Vince Clortho, he is the KeyMaster and can be bribed for keys to any place in the Core.

Some say occasionaly when within the depths of the Core mirrors will show a reflection of an aged noble woman called Agatha. She is somehow trapped beyound the glass. She is a powerful oracle and can divine if she can be convinced to help.

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