Wednesday, January 25, 2012


For years I was part of the crowd who have a hard time coming up with names. When the net came along and people posted random name generators I rejoyced! I would sit for hours rolling up various fantasy names and recording them in my little name book. I had pages of eleven names, dwarven..generic fantasty, etc..

That worked well enough. I have read many people use baby name books. Just after Gary Gygax passed, i started collecting stuff with his name on it. The Fantasy worlds books he put out with Troll Lord Games has this little gem in it.

With the possible exception of the 1E DMG this book is the greatest gaming product i have ever bought. I got it for less then 20$ US. I swear i use it four or five times a session or more. It breaks down names by historical earth geographic areas and by fantasty troupes. This book is a boon to the Mythic Earth campaign i am working on. It has at least 7 sections on the various British isle naming groups.

So if you struggle with names, find this book!
I also reccomend the rest of the series. 

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