Thursday, January 12, 2012

Game one in the bag

Played in my first Flailsnails game last night. Zak S. DMed had 5 people in the party. Played a wizard but in retrospect i want to run a thief. So I will have to roll one up for next time.
Was a fun little game. Started waking up in a pile of bodies. Not to spoil the adventure but it turned out to be an escape type senario.

The other players i am weak on the names but two stood out. Father Jack and Farley the dwarf. Both role played well and were memorible characters. In alot of ways this game reminded me of the olden days of the mid 80's. With the blind pick up groups and playing for joy of the game.

My first taste and i want more! I believe i will try and run my Mega dungeon next week on one of my days off.
Time to dust off the Core!   Picv of me at a family picnic playing V-ball ...Look blonde hair !

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