Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Core

I have not had any requests or querries about the game i am planning to run tonight.
I guess i am afraid it is all for naught.

I am doubting the power of Constantcon. I keep trying to form pickup games and have yet to get a single interest responce.
I am not giving up yet. I still hope that others wish to play in pick up games.
I guess time will tell .....


  1. how many people do you have in your G+ circles?

    did you post on the constantcon blog?

    one thing that works is announcing you're running a game to people who you have played a game with

    also, planned-ahead games are way easier to do than pick-up games because people are busy.

  2. 1 Over 600 atm

    2 Yes it is posted on Constantcon

    3 I am working on a group of people i know play on G+

    4 I have figured as much. Alot of my voice doubts is part of my tracking my way through the G+ scene. Being new to the block i am doing a jornal of events.

  3. One thing on your ConstantCon posting is it doesn't list a time zone for reference. That would help a lot.

  4. Game to run 11pm cst 17 jan / 5am london

    From the posting ^ Central standard/ plus London time.