Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Constantcon X2

Well it has nearly been a week since my initial offering of the Core.  I plan on offering the dungeon again on wed. Might also try for some pick up gaming tonight.

I figured that with over 500 people group sharing through out the G+ streams there would be more pick up games. I am wondering out of those 500+ plus how many play and how many just talk about it? I notice ALOT of producers of fantasy gaming products dont play.

So if your up to a dungeon crawl tonight or tomorrow night on the over night keep your eyes open for calls going out.

I am a supporter of FLAILSNAILS, any FS character of 1 to 3 levels is welcome.
See you in the streams!


  1. My problem with Constantcon games is that, as a rule, they take place when I'm at work or out. Never been around at the right time :(

  2. I've been wanting to try out a FLAILSNAIL Game for sometime, looked on ConstantCon, etc but timing has been an issue. Totally down for trying it out tonight. What time frame are looking at (EST here) and how the heck do I get started - Character Creation, and joining Google +, etc. Thanks

  3. Yeah my schedule is whats hurting me the most atm.
    Currently i am working 3rd shift so my free time is at odds with most US time zones. Tue and wed are my exceptions. I aim for 11 or later cst.

    @TheMetal1 just join google+ . roll your character and create a google document of that char for sharing.