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Lack of posts lately due to much oversleeping. Still adjusting to an overnight schedule.

Seems like DIY bloggers are always inventing new mini systems to handle various in game situations.
Just the other day Zak S. (D&D with porn in blog role) came up with a system for players to role dice and solve problems like deciphering script.
Anyone can invent sunsystems to solve ingame problems, it has been in The Dragon for years. Now its all over the net. (btw REBEL AGAINST this CLOUD BS, its the WEB! i aint down with ret con name changes)

Sorry got derailed by my hatred of calling the web a cloud.

Ok back on track... Almost every blog has little fiddly bits for something.
Some are more useful then others but in the end house ruling a game you love is the heart of D&D. (and its various clones and emulators)

There are alot of resolving the characters chance of doing things. Frankly i am not sure if characters should have any kind of in game 'my guy should know about X'. OSR is supposed to be about player skill.
Give enough ways for in game problem solveing and you give rise to statements like..

"How many dice to have to roll to solve this problem?"

The mechanic in C&C for character skill of any kind is called 'The Siege Engine'.
Which simply gos like this... The target number for any skill a character should or should not have is 18.
You get to add appropiate stat bonuses. You also add +6 if the relevant stat is a 'Prime' ( every character has 2 to 3 stat primes. a sort of things your best at).
Finaly if it is something your class should know you get to add your level.

This breaks down to thing
D20 + stat mod + 6 (prime if stat is prime ) + level = Exceed 18 to suceed.
The Game master or CK , can add or subtract a variable from the 18 based on how hard it is. The books give guidelines for this and i dont want to get into that here.

So example Rogue wants to open a stanndard lock found in a dungeon D20+3(high dex)+6(dex prime for rogues)+ level = EIghteen or more and the lock opens.

It seems harder then it is in actual play. In reality my players tend to roll and ask what to add.I remind them. They add the numbers and give me a total. I announce sucess or failure, the game gos on.

Zak S. basicly reinvented this system but he suggests only allowing the level bonus to be used once a day.
In a 'I call upon my years of experiance' dexus es machina move. I give my players a muligan a night. Its the same kind of Butt-hair.

Butt-Hair, noun ...uses... I pulled a butt-hair and managed to win through. definition: To over come some odds with a once in blue moon kind of problem solver.  ie:i have had a potion of dragon control squirreled away as a Butt-hair for ages.

In the end do what you like in your game. I like to game fast and lite in the rules department. Castles and Crusades lets me do that, while retaining a 1E feel.

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