Monday, December 19, 2011

Working for living

Well I am gainfully employed. Seems like forever since I had to be so responsible.
I am doing Helpdesk work for a big server hosting company. (to remain nameless)

Undead reaction table (for mindless undead)
1 Blank stare
2 Emotionless stare
3 Fixed stare
4 Unblinking stare.
5 Drools and stares
6 Slavering charge while staring.

Double bonus gaming post....

Magic items as works of art, and relics in their own right.
Next campaign I run will be founded on this principle.
Every magic item in the land is a work of art, created for a spefic reason. This means EVERY item will be unique. I Will not allow duplicate magic items. There is no magic item assembly line. The idea that a wizard or cleric would mindlessly churn out copies of sword +1 is lame and stupid.
No two magic items will ever be the same in my worlds again.

This idea was an out growth of my specialised wepons. (see the blogs first few posts for examples of those)
The days of +1 sword/armor/wepon/etc... are gone.

Next time.... Cleric spell lists begone......

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