Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry xmas!

A little Dungeons and Dragons plus Christmas turned up this gem.

The only gaming present i ever recieved was from my dad. One Christmas he let my sister and I pick our own presents. My sister chose a Dance-a-rella doll and i chose the 1st ed Gamma World box set.
That Christmas also marked the only time i got family members to game with me. My dad and my sister both played in my first ever Gamma World game. I still have the book and map from that set. The dice to it long lost. I think i threw the box out. (stupid i know) To this day GW is always my first love of gaming.
Getting people to play it is another story. I learned long ago D&D is where the people are. From time to time i manage to get a session or two run , but it is like pulling teeth.

Tomorrow is my birthday (worst b-day ever!)

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