Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday doldrums

Holiday season , my least favorite time of the year. Setting aside the fact i was born on xmas day and got screwed on presents every year. The holidays mean family obligations. Seems to get worse each year. More and more of the month of December gets eaten by holiday parties and family gatherings.
The holidays this year are costing me 2 regular nights of gaming. Since we only play every other week that means an entire month.

Dont know why lately the gaming bug is hitting me harder and harder. I think i am missing playing more then anything. I have to believe there are alot of gamers in my postion. Perpetual gamemastering can wear a bit. I am chomping at the bit to play. Unfortunately no one in my current circle of friends has the slightest desire to gm.
Online MMO's do not cut it. Think i may have to bite the bullet and get a web cam so i can play in constantcon on google+.

Unrealised games i have at various times desired to play in.
1. Humanoid campaign.
2. City campaign , a sort of D&D meets private eye.
3. Traveling show, group of preformers who travel about thieving/grifting and having adventures.

Guess i can always hope that oneday i will get to play again. 

Eight adventure seeds
1. Caravan merchant was robbed by humanoids/bandits 5 miles back and will pay a handsome reward for the return of a prized holy symbol
2. Local lord's store houses are being robbed. He will pay pay well for the capture of the culprits (kobolds)
3. The mayors son says he saw an owl bear outside of town. Everyone is in a panic. (its a fake some bandits have an old skin and are using it to detract from their smuggling).
4.The local lords son has been captured by a rival. He will pay for your group to deliver the ransom.
5 . A traveling knight has set up camp by a local bridge and is demanding a toll, or best him in lances.
  The local lord has lost 3 men trying to drive him off.
6. Local temples relic has been stolen. Everyone believes the local knight errant has taken it for some purpose. Will your group go challenge him for the relic.
7. The local wise woman was killed by maurading orcs. The townsfolk want justice!
8. The friendly Treant in the local woods has begun acting erraticly. He randomly attacks farms or strangely plows a field. Find out what has happened and fix it if your able.

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