Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Evil Parties

Had a chance to run an evil game this last weekend. If you have ever done an evil campaign you understand. No matter how well you tie the group together in an evil game they will not play nice.
The evenings game went well enough, no one killed anyone else, in the party. However the party did trade jibes and death threats.
There must be a psychological reason that as soon you are given the lable of evil people start to display homocidal tendancies. Not even five minutes into the game the the murder threats began.
I know of psychological studies showing how behavior changes with a label. The Stanford experiment  gives us a glimmer of the role of lables on the human mind.

Not sure how long the game will run. But the minute it devolves to player versus player i am going to scrap it.
It has been a number of years since i ran a game like this and the players of this group have never had the chance to play evil. I guess i will wait and see....

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