Monday, October 17, 2011

Zombies everywhere!

Wow, i never seen so many zombies. It took an hour for the entire zombie procession to go by. I would estimate there were 30 or so Anti Zombie Malitia. While estimates are over 3000 zombies.
Those end of the world games where it is survivors vs zombies... got no idea how bad it is for the survivors.

But any way some pics.... Anti zombie militia HQ

Some resistance photos..
Segway resistance member....
The horde nephew Austin fleeing from them.

Some notable zombies...

JFK and Jackie O
The zombie with dead fetus dragging by umbilical cord was the most tasteless by far.
The relentless hord took an hour to pass my group by.

Next year i am going to be ready and join the Anti Zombie Resistance!

If you have a chance to visit a zombie walk, do it. Incredibly fun event.

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