Monday, October 10, 2011

Worlds that ceased to be

My current campaign world is possibly the 6th or 7th I have invented.
Each world before has helped me shape what came next. My first world was a tiny corner of the world of Greyhawk. I wanted my own lands and kings and i carved a niche in someone one elses world. I was unsatisfied. I needed a world more my own to shape. So i concieved...
It was crude and poorly drawn but it was unique. I used it untill i went into the Army.

While i was in the Army i ran alot of games and had few long term regular players. I once again fell back on Greyhawk. Greyhawk was some place most gamers had heard of it. it worked for that time.

End of service and back home. Back with friends i knew from my childhood. gaming became more long term and players kept returning making great campaigns. My roommate at the time had a wonderful world he had developed partialy based on the Belgrade series. Since we alternated DMing it made sense to use the same world.
Antioch.... one contenant, mine... and his...

Some more maps of that world...

I used this world untill he moved out of state. After he left town i switched to the new HackMaster 4th ed.
I used the world provided in the book so the modules would fit easier and the world was loose enough i could insert anything i wanted.

There was an abortive campaign where i TPKed the group in the first night. It was an undisclosed world. I never mapped much of it. Only one map of the place exists.

After that i went back to Aldraazar but i used the GM perserve in the corner of the world map. Detailing and mapping that contenant untill it is where it is now. Mostly mapped and loosely filled. It has alot of room to grow and can adapt to fit in what i need added.

Now having hit the idea of using a mystical Earth where all our real life myths come from i am once again forging another world... will this one last?
How many worlds have you used?

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