Saturday, October 22, 2011

Not...Working for a livin.

Crazy week. Looking for employment since i graduated. Got very distracted this week.

Found a good sci-fi story from a mention over at Grognardia. "Black Destroyer" very good short story.
Seems to be the creature that inspired the AD&D displacer beast.

My adaptation of the creature...


No. Encountered: 1,2 (Mated pair) pride 2-20
Size: Medium
HD:  6d12
Move: 40 feet
AC: 19
Attack: Lash X2, 1d10 Bite 1d8
Special: Tentacles have a 10’ reach, Shimmer.
Saves: P
Int: Animal
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Type: Magical Beast
Treasure: Incidental
XP Value: 1950 +6

Coeurl are ambush predators. They hunt in prides. Coeurl have a lustrous black coat. The beast has six legs and a pair of long muscular tentacles at the foremost shoulder socket. Their eyes glow an eerie greenish hue.  They resemble a leopard in build with the extra appendages. The tentacles ends are studded with horn like ridges. The Coeurl strikes with these in a whip like manner causing horrible rends in exposed flesh. The Coeurl’s fur emits a curious effect. The fur’s shimmer causes them to appear to blink and waver like an optical illusion. It is very difficult to pin point the creature’s exact location. Ranged attacks suffer a -4 to hit from this.

Combat: In combat they are vicious and nearly fearless. They take advantage of their high armor class by fearlessly engaging multiple foes.

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