Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mapping the world

Inspuration struck me this last friday. So i dug out my world folder, colored pencils and some graph paper then proceeded to map like mad.
I should mention i have my world drawn on some large graph sheets. They would make a nice poster if hung up. While nice it is unweildly in actualy play. The scale of the map is a bit large for standard play also.
Some time back i undertook to map the world unto standard sized graph sheets at a closer scale.

Well i made the mistake of mapping around the area most played...bottom right area of the contenant. This redraw i started in the upper left corner and proceeded to map....oops the two groups didnt quite line up and i made a huge error in the earlier maps.
I did manage to get half the contenant upscaled...but now i need to redo all the other maps and finish the areas that were never mapped.

I forge ahead, if my insperation holds i think i could be complete in less than a week....
This is the 4 large maps laid together showing an overview of the contenant.

This shows the scale of the new maps to the old poster sized map. One graph sheet holds 3 lines of 4 squares both the large and small graph sheets have 10X10 grids. (makes scaling up easier)

This is the binder i keep the maps of the world in. Quite thick huh?

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