Thursday, October 6, 2011

High level characters you have played.

Thread over at Dragonsfoot got me digging through my old fold of characters.
What are your highest level characters? Mine are...
Flak 25th magic user. Played him in a local game club called S.O.R.E. (Society of Omaha Roleplaying Enthusists). I believe the DM who i ran him under was Mark Stone. Mark was a local celebrity DM. Everyone seemed to want to play in his world. I can remember being in 20 man groups playing his world.

Next entry...

Rahn of Velmar, Cavalier from the pages of Dragon 72. (pre Unearthed Arcana) I loved charing stuff full tilt with a heavy lance...
Next ...Falgrave the dwarven fighter... i used wishes to extend his max level beyond racial norms..
Technicaly he is my first character. First one played under a DM as opposed to just rolling guys up by your self.   Back side of his sheet.... (erased that one area i wrote hp totals on so much the sheet torn and wore very thin)

Lastly... Don Cordon , The Rouge Rose.... I played this paladin as cross between a three Musketeer and the french guys in Monty Pythons Holy Grail. He collected titles as you can see on his cover sheet.

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