Monday, October 10, 2011

DM reference 101

Over on the Troll Lords forum someone asked a good question.
'What books do you use when you DM?'

I have always used a hodge podge of source material and rules. Back in ancient past of the late 80's, when i DMed i mixed AD&D with basic. I also heavily drew on material in the Dragon.
As the years went by new suppliments added new sources for my games.
Fast forward to now.

I have spent the last couple years regathering books i had sold off, and aquiring books i had missed when published new.
So now i have my perfect DM library.  ta-da (yes i know i have posted the photot before)

The part of this i hadn't mentioned before... see all those spiral note books? Five of those are game logs.
Not a precise record of the games played, just a roll call of who was there to play and what date.
Some of the entries have a couple notes like dungeon played or what was roughly happening.

Reading back through those i came accross a couple nuggets of funny. Player quotes from days gone by...

'I am not healing you, you'll just get hurt again later'  party cleric
'I can't speak to my god today, you will have to wait till tomorrow'  party cleric again
'No matter how many times i save the world, i cant get a free beer out of it from anyone'
'Is the zombie dead yet?' 

All of this has me working on a session sheet. Fidling with it in Exel. will post a draft soon.
My goal is to better record the games for my own recollection in years to come.

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