Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dice , my preferences

Like most gamers i am a nut about dice. I have probably close to a 1000 dice if not more. I once counted just D6's and counted over 300.
The point of this post, dice preferences.

I like Game Science dice when i game master. the crisp corners and clean color schemes make fair rollers that are easy to read. Localy these seem to be hard to come by so i have supplemented my arsonal with a coule of Chessex D20's. These are great dice for the platonic solids and D10's but for my D6's i like casino dice. The high precision ,high impact and flashy looking.

My current arsonal with my GM dice tower. (the tower was a Gen Con 07 purchase)
Odd balls in the back on the right hand side... D1000 from HackMaster, D24, 2 D16s (red and glow in the dark) D7 and D3. The main set are glow in the dark Game science. with a couple extra D4's a 12 and a 8 so i can roll 2 at a time. The huge pile of D20's the 4 clear are my main rollers. the orange and clear are 0-9 twice with +'s on one set of 0-9.

I am trying to get more casino dice from the near by gambling house. they have some nice purples over there.

Lastly a D20 that flashes when you roll a 20.
This is my Game Master library. 
Left to right Castles and Crusades, Gygax's fantasy world series, AD&D collection , Kenzer co goods and gear. Swords and sorcery monster book for the Scarred lands, and my Hack Master collection.
Some odds and ends in there also Fields of battle , citty of brass. Black Librum of Nartalus, catecomb guide and high level campaigns for 2e AD&D .

Yes i like to use them all in my world .

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