Sunday, September 18, 2011

Omens at the rollof a D30

Made this awhile back and just stumbled on it again.
Useful tool for messing with the players heads.

Omens and Occurrences

1 Single coin in odd place
2 Red sky
3 Dead animal
4 Pack animal/ mount ill
5 Rations spoil
6 Bad dream
7 Voices heard on the wind
8 Owl flies past during day
9 Flock of crows following group
10 Still-born babies (Village or town)
11 Horse throws two shoes at once
12 Hireling takes ill
13 Scabbard breaks
14 Fallen tree blocks path
15 Two headed cow born
16 Thunder heard
17 Abandoned baby found
18 Pixie rings found close by
19 Water skin springs a leak
20 Rodent found in back pack
21 Step on a rusty nail
22 Strap on a pack breaks
23 Hit by bird droppings
24 Dead skunk in path
25 Hilt wrapping comes unwound
26 Stray dog barks at party incessantly
27 Dead bird found in camp/bed
28 Musical instrument breaks a string
29 Boot heel comes off
30 coin pouch seam breaks

One purple wurm is never enough so sculpity to the rescue and we now have three!
I am particularly proud of the one bursting out of the groud. I did not sculpt the 2 new ones, my buddy Michael did.

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