Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Less Confusing Alinement System

Posting on the Troll Lord games forums i hit upon an idea for alinement.

A series of values the player sets for his character.
Classes would then have a guide for alinements.

Examples all rated 1 low 10 high.
How good 1 to 10  1 being pure evil and 10 being saintly.
How group oriented are you  1 to 10  high being the many out weights the one low being the one and only me.
How law abiding  1 to 10
How loyal  ....
How pious....
How honorable ...
Barvery ... (subjective i know but classes like knight should require less running from things)

The list could also add the 7 virtues of chrisendom

Though on second thought i think i would not use all of those as a few seem to over lap..
So i will say my system uses ten moral guides for character alinement. Each rated from one to ten. with ten being high

1Good (thinking of others before you, righting wrongs being a helpful fellow)
2 Law abiding (Robin Hood was maybe a 5 but he had a high charity)
3 Loyal (how far will go for a friend?)
4 Pious (knowing Gods exsist doesnt mean you go to church and pray)
5 Honorable (follow your word?)
6 Team (society group etc)
7 Charitable (some would say a sign of good, but even villians can have a soft spot)
8 Humility ( a bard should never be low in this)
9 Restraint ( hot heads low, patient calculating types high)
10 Morals (covers everything from chastity to curseing)

Classes can be given alinement guides such as
Paladin requires a 8 or higher in Good, law,loyal, and pious. suggested a 7+ in honor, restrant and morals.
Bard humilty 3 or less.
Rogues law of 4 or less
Knight 7+ honor
Cleric pious 8+

Durring play when ever the the character acts out side of its stated norm, the Gamemaster tells the player to adjust the number up or down by a point.
Over time the character can change and you guidelines for classes like paladins that arent totaly subject.

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