Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doldrums of late summer...

Its finals time. I am on track to graduate. Associates degree in electronics computer repair. Will be attempting 2 certs post graduation. A+ and CCNA.
Posting will be rare the next 2 or 3 weeks, so here is some gaming goodies.

More magic weapons.

Yakeshcah, blade of fright. 3 times a week the wielder may cast fear on an opponent struck.

Sea Foam, blade of the seas. 3 times a week the owner may cast water breathing and 3 times a week the owner may cast water walking. The owner may use those powers on themselves at will.

Ixat, bearded axe. 3 times a day the owner may summon a mount. The mount summoned will remain for up to 4 hours.

Corpse Duster, mace. A successful strike causes corporeal undead to save vs. disintegration.

And bonus treat.

Druid spell suitable for any old school D&D game or clone..

Mind link
Level 5 druid
CT 1 R see below D permanent
SV none SR none Comp V,S

The caster forges a telepathic bond and the ability to use the senses of a single creature. Once the bond is formed it works over any distance but not between planes of existence. Only creatures that have been awakened by the caster or under animal friendship with the caster can be affected. Communication within one mile does not need concentration; over one mile does require the caster to concentrate. Communication through this bond will work regardless of language. Caster can only communicate or use the senses of one creature at a time.