Monday, July 18, 2011

Short post today just adding more magic weapons.

Fotahn, blade of the lawful order. This blade is a signature weapon to a long faded knightly order. On a natural strike of a 20 the blade will sever the weapon arm of its opponent.

Hammerfall, A dwarven blade of fine craftsmanship. The blade carries its name in dwarf runes. On a natural strike of a 19 or 20 the blade will knock an opponent to the ground (save vs. STR).

Harsh, Gnomish crafted dagger. A successful strike from this weapon causes bleeding from the wound for 1 point a round, for a number of rounds equal to the wielders level.

Ram bow, This weapon appears to be fashioned of horn from a ram. The weapon will always have an arrow nocked and ready when its owner reaches for the string. (+2 to initiative)

Ashe, bow. Three times a week the owner may call out “rain on my foes” this causes a hail of arrows to land in a spot decided by the owner. The hail of arrows hit in a 20 foot radius of that point causing 4d6 damage. (save for half, dex).

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