Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The cast so far....

The usual suspects are playing a semi-varied lot.

This list is left to right around the table as i sit at it's head.
Greenpeace elven druid. Destroys and alters nature more then he protects it.
Lavits, human wizard. At first level faced a hydra and "cast shield", then ran away.
Sir Ronin lizard knight. Botched reincarnate spell brought him back as a 3 foot tall armored lizard.
Zoe human warrior woman. She never met a boulder she didnt want to hurl.
Lance human paladin. Over a thousand years old and he still cant get a beer for saving the world.
Merideth human/elf/wait human again cleric. She wont heal you because your just gonna get hurt again. Also if your royalty she might want to get to know you so to speak...
Spryt halfling scout (no really she is not a criminal syndicate boss called 'Mistress')

That is our usual cast. Currently stuggling to defeat the forces of Chaos on Mythic Earth.
They owe fealty to the King of Canturia on the Brittish isle. Each rules a nominal Barony, Lance and Greenpeace each have significantly larger land holdings.

More magic weapons for your pleasure...

Shadow Black, dagger 3 times a week may cast darkness.

Glare, a shield enchanted to cause foes faced with it to blink, wink and eyes to water. This gives a bonus to armor class to the wielder.

Blazer, a woodsmans bow (long bow) adds +50% movement speed to wielder but causes them to eat twice as much a week.

Bee,Hind,ewe. dagger with a rough outline of a bee a hind and a ewe. 3 times a week the owner may dimension door directly behind a foe of choice.

Benefactor, mace of blessings. Anyone kneeling in reverence before the wielder and kissing his hand will gain a +1 to hit for hour. The wilder may endow this blessing a number of times a day equal to his level.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Short post today just adding more magic weapons.

Fotahn, blade of the lawful order. This blade is a signature weapon to a long faded knightly order. On a natural strike of a 20 the blade will sever the weapon arm of its opponent.

Hammerfall, A dwarven blade of fine craftsmanship. The blade carries its name in dwarf runes. On a natural strike of a 19 or 20 the blade will knock an opponent to the ground (save vs. STR).

Harsh, Gnomish crafted dagger. A successful strike from this weapon causes bleeding from the wound for 1 point a round, for a number of rounds equal to the wielders level.

Ram bow, This weapon appears to be fashioned of horn from a ram. The weapon will always have an arrow nocked and ready when its owner reaches for the string. (+2 to initiative)

Ashe, bow. Three times a week the owner may call out “rain on my foes” this causes a hail of arrows to land in a spot decided by the owner. The hail of arrows hit in a 20 foot radius of that point causing 4d6 damage. (save for half, dex).

Friday, July 15, 2011


Not Worth Any Experiance Points Alive (nwaepa) has been my gaming group's war cry for years. It really sounds alot worse then it really is. We have a mix of rpers, hack n slashers, and power gamers.

I started gaming in spring of 1980 shortly before the end of my 8th grade school year. Initialy my understanding of the rules was bad. AD&D had large thick books and grasping all that info purely from reading it with no pretext of ever seeing it played was not easy. My initial proto D&D games were bad i am sure. Luckily i got a Gamma World box set for Xmas that year. Learning from that game i eventualy mastered D&D, but that was years later.

Hope the into was interesting, i will post more back ground and bits about my group as days go by. In keeping with the tradition of always posting usuable gaming material i present.....

Some magic weapons of my design.. system neutral just add your stats as you desire.

All of these weapons are generic as to exact form. None are given pluses’, that’s for the CK/DM/GM to decide.

Alfred, a plain blade with rectangular guard and pommel, the blade is etched in runes spelling its name. A potent magic infuses this blade. The first humanoid creature killed by a new owner will animate and seek the wielder out. The zombie thus created appears at midnight the day it was killed. The corpse will perform any menial assignment from polishing armor to cleaning to dishes, as long it is a task one would assign to butler or manservant. The servant created will not spring traps open doors or in any way aid in dungeoneering enterprises. If the wielder unknowingly kills its butler the body will again reform animate and return on the following midnight. The servant thus created will not travel further then 100 yards of the swords owner. And will unerringly appear every midnight if left behind.

Sacrifice, the blade of this sword has an odd blood groove. To activate its magic the owner must spill his own blood onto the blade. Every hit point up to 5 a day will endow it with pluses to hit equal to the blood points spilt. The damage caused by this act will only heal at a rate of 1 point per day.

Smolder, the singeing blade. When wielded in combat the blade heats and smokes like a branding iron. Wounds caused by this weapon will not regenerate.

Zebellae, (elvish for rainbow) the name is carved on the hand grip of this exquisite dagger. The weapon will upon command shed any color of light the wielder desires.