Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Been a few days since i posted anything.

Played in Joe the Lawyer's G+ last week. Was a blast we mostly explored out side the chateau but got inside a bit. I found a magic saddle, and gained enough xps to advance to second level. This officially makes My fighter the highest level character I have played in about 3 years.

Missed my regularly scheduled Constantcon last night due to extreme pain and suffering. Sorry to the maybe 2 or 3 people who might have played.

I notice the established games on G+ seem to over flow with players while new games barely have have any. I hope everyone will give a stranger a break now and again. Remember being popular doesn't equal good DMing.

Finally received my copy of "Classic monsters from Troll Lord Games. Kickstarted this project in November. The book is pretty cool alot of those old Monster Manual, Fiend Folio and MMII critters have now been added to the C&C game. Not that converting them was hard. It is so simple to convert a classic D&D variant to C&C I usualy do it on the fly at the game table. Some of the cooler monsters cant be published. Some had to be renamed and reworked to avoid copy right problems. I love monster books, hell i bought all the HackMaster Hacklopedias and there were 10 of those. If you want to add more beasts to your game this tome is the way to go. I am very pleased to add it to my shelf.

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