Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Treasures from the past

I got a chance to dig through a couple local curiousity stores this last weekend. Neither deals in rpg stuff except for vintage stuff that turns up in the storage lockers they buy. Armed with a couple extra bucks and two good friends we delved the Imaginarium in Omaha NE (both stores one down town one in my neighborhood). 

The first store was looking like a bust untill I inquired after rubber monsters. The toy bin i was escourted to preduced ....5 of the 8 LJN mini AD&D figures.
Missing Strongheart,the good cleric and the 1/2 orc assassin. For 2$ i got the that lot plus a nice 1980 ral partha wizard painted ..(not shown)

Talking with the owner he told me the downtown store had "alot of rpg stuff in the basement".
Well.... he wasnt exactly right. It turned out to be one box of stuff. 4 boxed games starfrontiers alpha dawn, ghostbusters and two versions of the star trek rpg. But...also inside were a few AD&D hard backs and modules.
Oriental adventures in good shape...the spine is unsplit. I have 2 other copies of this with split spines, lucky break for me!

A seriously roached out Tome of Magic, eh it was 2 bucks. I didnt have one, now i do.

This module is in very good conditionalong with the other two also in good to very good shape...

Lastly one boxed expert set in fair to good shape. the contents are good the box is fair.

All added nicely to my growing horde.
This coupled with the thrift store find one of my friends found last may have me with a nearly complete set of pre 2nd ed modules.
Now i need to find the beginers set to go with the expertset....

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