Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The cast so far....

The usual suspects are playing a semi-varied lot.

This list is left to right around the table as i sit at it's head.
Greenpeace elven druid. Destroys and alters nature more then he protects it.
Lavits, human wizard. At first level faced a hydra and "cast shield", then ran away.
Sir Ronin lizard knight. Botched reincarnate spell brought him back as a 3 foot tall armored lizard.
Zoe human warrior woman. She never met a boulder she didnt want to hurl.
Lance human paladin. Over a thousand years old and he still cant get a beer for saving the world.
Merideth human/elf/wait human again cleric. She wont heal you because your just gonna get hurt again. Also if your royalty she might want to get to know you so to speak...
Spryt halfling scout (no really she is not a criminal syndicate boss called 'Mistress')

That is our usual cast. Currently stuggling to defeat the forces of Chaos on Mythic Earth.
They owe fealty to the King of Canturia on the Brittish isle. Each rules a nominal Barony, Lance and Greenpeace each have significantly larger land holdings.

More magic weapons for your pleasure...

Shadow Black, dagger 3 times a week may cast darkness.

Glare, a shield enchanted to cause foes faced with it to blink, wink and eyes to water. This gives a bonus to armor class to the wielder.

Blazer, a woodsmans bow (long bow) adds +50% movement speed to wielder but causes them to eat twice as much a week.

Bee,Hind,ewe. dagger with a rough outline of a bee a hind and a ewe. 3 times a week the owner may dimension door directly behind a foe of choice.

Benefactor, mace of blessings. Anyone kneeling in reverence before the wielder and kissing his hand will gain a +1 to hit for hour. The wilder may endow this blessing a number of times a day equal to his level.

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