Thursday, May 17, 2012

Drug out Boot Hill last weekend. Couple people seem very excited to play. Aiming a campaign as opposed to a short bloody bank robbery gang. Everyone had to create a group to play.  I made everyone roll up one character in everyone elses group. So far we have
1 Gang of desparados (bank robber gang)
2 Indian raiders
3 Lawmen of the county

I am placing the game in nevada shortly after the civil war. 1866 vetrans are streaming to the open west and bringing guns with them. It will be very wild and wooly.

Working on goals for the players so far i am going with

1 outlaws, rob 100,000 and escape to Mexico.
2 Indian raiders, kill/loot/pillage enough to start an Indian war. Escape with their tribe to Mexico or Canada.
3 Lawmen, capture all the wanted men in the teritory.

Working on town maps and such , reworking some encounter tables from an old gaming book. Will post my western encounter tables asap.

Happy trails!

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